Yes, it's that time again! For the fifth year in a row we are launching a CROWDFUNDER to help publish Steve's latest book. WIthout your help, Hebraic ChurchLivin' the LifeInto the Lion's Den and Shalom could never have been published! For those of you who helped with these books, you will know the impact they have made (and can still potentially make) to the Church. Shalom, in particular, has had immense critical praise.

We are now looking for 40 crowdfunders to pay £100 each ASAP to enable us to publish the next book,  THE SINNER'S CHARTER, in April 2020. You will receive 10 books as soon as they are printed.

Here is some blurb:

THE SINNER'S CHARTER: Are the Ten Commandments for today?

In a World gone mad and with a Church far from unified, how exactly should we be living our lives? God provided the framework many centuries ago at Mount Sinai. We call these basic instructions the Ten Commandments but what of now? Are they still relevant to humanity? Are they even relevant to Christians in the light of Jesus’s teachings?

In this fast moving, entertaining and challenging book we are taken on a journey from Moses to modern times. We look at the original context of the Ten Commandments and follow their transition to an entity, coined The Sinner’s Charter, a very different animal! Finally, suggestions are made to help Christians return to the original model, adapted to these very different times.

Here is David Serle's observation on reading an early draft: "Finished the book this afternoon ;-) A very challenging read! By the end, I was really excited about it :-) You are going to the heart of the issue of the Law/Grace debate, but not even entering that debate, just arguing for the permanent applicability of the Ten Words, by showing how the culture’s twisting of God’s laws have led to so many problems - very clever! "

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