Middle East Report

Stories this week include: The wife of the Israeli prime Mr.

Stories this week include: Tower of David Museum launches first ever virtual reality tour, Dead Sea Scrolls attracts between 1500 to 2000 visitors

Stories this week include: Israel & Russia are at odds over recent attack by Israel inside Syria, Fascinating facts uncovered about the Dead Se

stories include: This year's Day of Atonement connected with significant anniversary years, The Ukraine has one of the largest Jewish populations in Eastern Europe and Israeli company designs bullet proof back pack.

Stories this week include:  New museum devoted to life & times of Jesus opens in Old City of Jerusalem, Charity reaches both Jewish community and the wider church with Jewish roots of faith and Trump cuts aid to Palestinians.

Stories this week include: Jewish holiday highlights interesting news stories, Jews in Israel and elsewhere prepare to celebrate the Jewish New Yea

Stories this week include: Ongoing drought causes health problems for Israeli holidaymakers, Well Known Evangelist is holding a Day of Prayer for B

Stories this week include:  New museum commemorates upcoming anniversary of World War 1, Well Known Evangelist says despite the political unre

Stories this week include:  Israel is expected to go to early elections, New book points to the days of Noah as key to end times and New Laser

Huge stone falls from Jerusalem's  Western Wall, Christians in Gaza under pressure and Record breaking 2 million tourists visit Israel in 2018