Middle East Report

Stories this week include:  A Jewish Settlement faces uncertain future, A new report reveals Israel is not prepared for missile attacks,  A New book outlines need for reform in Israel and Amazon Jews thrive in the depts of the rain forest.

Stories this week include;  An ambitious building project gets underway in Jerusalem, Forest fires rage round Israel, A new book looks at para

Stories this week include: Many Israelis saw the Super Moon that only happens in a generation, Heavy bombing resumes in Syria after ceasefire was b

stories this week include:  A New Commemoration Day honours Immigrants to Israel, Donald Trump Wins US elections,  Well Known  actor

Stories this week include: The discovery of an ancient wall reveals extensive fighting by the Romans against Jerusalem,  An investigation is u

UNESCO resolution condemned by Israeli Government, Assad's wife refused offer to leave Syria,  Christians & Jews alike celebrate the Feast

Stories this week include:  The forthcoming Jewish holidays brings a story of hope for animals rescued from a zoo in Gaza, Security tightened

Stories this week include:  Only a few Arab dignities attend Mr Shimon Peres funeral last week, An American businessman questioned about alleg

Stories this week include:  Israel is mourning over the death of its most elder statesman, both Trump & Clinton confirm their support for Israel, CSW welcomes new initiative for Syria and Sat-7 Christian television celebrates 20th years of broadcasting into the Middle East and North Africa.

Stories this week include: Israel's most elder statesman is making a slow recovery from a stroke, a spate of random terror attacks hits Israel, Evangelist David Hathaway urges Christian to pray for the Middle East and Israel and waves of Palestinian attacks seen as tip of the iceberg.