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Today we’re in Jerusalem in an old shopping mall in the Jaffa Road to meet Kather

On my last trip to Israel to record stories for this programme, I spent some time

My guest today is Eddie Santoro who lives just outside Jerusalem where he is the

Eddie Santoro and his wife Jackie left a successful life in America to move to Is

Today we continue with the story of Eddie Santoro.

My guest today is a former hippie from America, Eddie Santoro.

If you are a regular listener to this programme you will know that the aim is to bring you the stories of belie

In my recent visits to Israel I have heard of Muslims who live in the West Bank a

Recently, in a noisy coffee shop in the Old City of Jerusalem I met a Palestinian

Come with me to Tel Aviv, to the 12th floor of a tall sky scraper and look out over this modern city, home to almost 4 million people representing half the population of Israel. It is then amazing to realise that just over a 100 years ago, Tel Aviv as a city did not exist – the area was covered in sand dunes – the people in those days lived in neighbouring Jaffa. However, at the beginning of the 19th century, 66 Jewish families decided to leave the overcrowded confines of Jaffa and build a new city – and that’s exactly what they did. I met Avi Mizrachi on the 12th floor of the sky scraper – he is the pastor of a congregation in Tel Aviv and as we looked out over the modern city of today, he reflected on the story that is Tel Aviv.