Olive Tree

Daniel Yahav is a Messianic Jewish pastor in northern Israel.

My guests on these programmes are believers in Jesus who live in Israel – Jewish, Arab and Palestinian people.

Today we’re in Bethlehem having lunch with Nihad Salman and his wife … Nihad is the pastor of an evangelical ch

Come with me to Beit Jala, a suburb of Bethlehem, to meet Burghard Schunkert, director of a centre for disabled

Today we’re in Haifa in northern Israel talking to Eliel.

Recently I was in Haifa and met Yonatan Allon. He helps run a charity that provides dental care for the poor.

Recently I was in Tel Aviv – Israel’s largest city situated on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Today I’m in a very busy coffee shop in Jerusalem talking to Ann who came to live

Today I’m in Jaffa, Israel, the Biblical port city that today lies just south of Tel Aviv, visiting the headquarters of Shevet Achim, a Christian o

This week I’m in Jerusalem talking to Jim Schultz, the executive director of The