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Recently I visited the town of Ariel in central Israel to meet Leah Ortiz.

My guest today is called Rita. A few years ago she would never have dreamt that one day she would be running a shelter in Israel for abused women … but that’s exactly what happened. 

The news is frequently dominated by stories of terror and conflict from the regio

The subject of Israel and the Middle East invokes strong reactions!

My guest today is Rod Powell.

Maala Thomas was born in New Zealand to Finnish parents. She married Evan, a Jewish man, and they left New Zealand and moved to Israel.

Today I’m in Netanya, a town just north of Tel Aviv, talking to David Loden.

Sharbel Dakwar is an Israeli Arab from northern Israel and we met recently in Haifa.

My guest today is Sharbel Dakwar. He’s an Israeli Arab from northern Israel and we met recently in Haifa.

This week I’m in Netanya, a town in Israel just north of Tel Aviv on the Meditaranean coast, talking to Lisa Loden. Lisa and her husband David are Jewish believers and came to live in Israel from America over 40 years ago. They have always been at the cutting edge of what God is doing in Israel and the West Bank and their faith has had frequently been very practical. Here Lisa describes a project she is currently involved in to encourage new business enterprise within the Messianic Jewish body. I asked her why.