The Bible talks about sparrows— Jesus said, “…not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.” (Matthew 10:29) One winter in 1958 an ‘estimated’ 194, 432 sparrows were killed in one day, in one area alone.

Plans put in place have been mainly ineffective in battling the forces of nature as the rains come down and the floods come up.

“Thus saith Jehovah of hosts: In those days [it shall come to pass], that ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, they shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.” (Zech

On a return trip from Tenerife at the end of a family holiday, as the plane landed and was speeding down the runway at Gatwick, our grandson, who was two-years-old at the time, suddenly stood up in the seat in front of me, turned round and raised both arms in the air exclaiming, “We did it grandd

“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” (Psalm 24:4-5)

“Seek the Lord while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way And the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return to the Lord, And He will have compassion on him, And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon.” (55:6-7)

I wonder how it is that Christians can troop along to their churches every Sunday and make out they are worshipping God, while all the time they deny Him in their lives and conduct. The hypocrisy of the Church does not go unnoticed, by the world, nor by God.

 There has been an increase in the flow of teaching, both good and bad, on the signs of the coming again of Jesus, and interest in the Second Coming has grown in recent times, particularly since the erroneous exposition of Joel 2 and the ‘Blood Red Moons’.

Britain is a witness to the world of a nation that has departed from the presence of the Lord. Britain, in abandoning her God has surrendered her moral, spiritual and intellectual standards that were the norm when we acknowledged Him as our Lord and King.

You are what you eat. Well, that’s what some people say. Is there any truth in this statement?