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This is the talk at the official launch of his new book

Interview with James Maidment-Fullard of TWR (Exchange). Talking about the "How the Church ..." trilogy (Dec 2011)

In the second of a 2 part talk, Steve Maltz tells how a rediscovery of their Hebrew Roots is vital for the Church

Interview with Crossrhythms Radio (July 2011) Speaking about "To Life!")

Steve Maltz gives a talk to some good folk at Cornerstone Bookshop, Clapham, London. They were willing volunteers for me to try out new material based on his book, "How the Church lost The Truth ... and how it can find it again".

In the first of a 2 part talk, Steve Maltz tells how Greek philosophy has corrupted the Church

In early May 2009, Steve was interviewed about "How the Church Lost The Way" by John Pantry for his live breakfast phone-in show on Premier Radio. We have the full interview here.

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We have released over 13 hours of audio from this conference as a download (£15) or on a USB stick (£25).

In early June 2009, Steve was interviewed by Ken Hancock on "Stained Glass Radio". This is a wide-ranging interview and a good introduction to the subject

Steve Maltz further explores the influence of Greek thinking in the Church and contrasts it with Hebraic thinking