What is ‘One New Man’ and why has the Church failed to grasp exactly what it means?

So where is the One New Man today? Is he still waiting in the wings to appear on the world stage as the result of some great end-time revival? Or is there some connection with us ‘putting on the new man’, as a result of the spirit of our minds having been renewed?

Where are ‘the heavenlies’ that Paul talks about in Ephesians and what impact should they have on our daily lives?

Much has been made of this phrase, some of it ‘inspired’ by the fights of fancy of many a preacher! For Paul, it is rooted in our lives here on earth and provides a divine perspective on our pathway – a theme thoroughly explored in William Gurnall’s timeless classic, “The Christian in Complete Armour.” 1

On one end of the scale, we are all aware of the growing number of believers (in our case - especially from Arab origin) who want to be accepted and acknowledged by their own people so much that they have adjusted their theology accordingly. Some even coming to an extreme position, defending Muslim terrorists and debunking Israel’s right to defend itself, and all in the name of Jesus.

How an English Christian uncovered a Brazilian tragedy and decided to act

“Over the next few hours we would meet over a dozen young girls, each trapped in a life of abuse and exploitation, and all within the space of less than a square mile. What was most difficult to accept, though, was their ages – the youngest was ten, and most were younger than thirteen. We would later hear from the town’s children’s council that there were at least 200 girls involved in prostitution in the town, and the average age was just eleven.” (Highway to Hell, by Matt Roper)

While America’s evangelical Christians are rightly concerned about the secular worldview’s rejection of biblical Christianity, we ought to give some urgent attention to a problem much closer to home–biblical illiteracy in the church. This scandalous problem is our own, and it’s up to us to fix it.

CATC 2010

Following the original Christ At The Checkpoint in 2010, the Rosh Pina Project began highlighting the anti-Jewish aspects of the conference. We broke the story in 2011 – which was eventually picked up by Bnei Brith and then the international press – that Palestinian pastor Mitri Raheb had claimed Israeli Jews have no Jewish blood, and Palestinians were descended from King David. We also opposed Christ at the Checkpoint by highlighting how two speakers called for a Christian jihad in 2010, whilst affirming  that Hamas has “every right to attack the West.” We suggested that for many, this conference was an opportunity to lend Christian theological support for terrorism ...

By Melanie Phillips

There was only one thing worse than the remarkable revelation of institutionalised antisemitism on the left revealed by David Collier on his website last week. It was the reaction.

Collier is an indefatigable blogger who spends much of his life immersed in the cesspools of anti-Jewish and Israel-bashing bigotry in British institutions. His aim is to bring the epidemic of open antisemitism to the attention of the wider public. He is positively heroic in subjecting himself to the traumatic effects of wading through all this filth. But last week he took his investigations onto a different level altogether.

His 280-page two-part report, here and here, exposed a secret, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel Facebook group called Palestine Live, which was created in 2013. Its members included politicians and other members of the Labour party and the left.

Secret forum

Secrecy was paramount: when one member asked “how safe is this group?” its creator, Elleanne Green, replied: “Very…no one is allowed in who is not trusted…I am very very careful…and it is a Secret Group…so it really is as safe as you will be able to find anywhere…”

The reason for such secrecy immediately becomes apparent from Collier’s expose. One of the first posts – and it was typical – referred to the “barbarian part of that [Jewish] tribe that is lording it over every single government in the word and using their untold wealth to control the agenda for all of us in order to further their nefarious aims for the Jewish state and to wipe out the Palestinians in the process”. Another referred to Jews as a “cancer” who “murder Palestinians” so they can “harvest their organs”. Others claimed that the Jew were behind 9/11 and the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

Isn't it about time we did away with our ‘tribes’?

In my formative years as a young Christian, travelling round, experiencing a variety of Christian expressions, from ultra-charismatic to super-reformed, one thing always puzzled me; how come God always seemed to adapt to the theology of the congregation?

Taking it seriously ……..

by Peter Sammons

Some of the scribes and Pharisees answered Him saying, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.” And He said to them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign, but a sign will not be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as ‘Jonah was in the belly of the monster three days and three nights’ so also the Son of Man will be in the heart of the Earth three days and three nights. Ninevite men will rise in judgment with this generation and they will condemn it, since they repented because of the preaching by Jonah and behold One greater than Jonah is here. The Queen of the South will rise in the judgment with this generation and will condemn it, because she came from the ends of the Earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold One greater than Solomon is here.”

(Matthew 12: 38 – 42)

When Jesus was in the middle of His ministry, by which time His name was a household name and He was famous for His miraculous powers and righteous teaching, there was a demand issued by the Scribes and Pharisees (although note carefully that the text above says some of the Scribes and Pharisees) for a “sign” to “prove” His credentials. Plainly at this time in Jesus’ ministry many were openly asking the question, is this the promised Messiah? The tragedy of the Pharisees’ demand was, of course, that Jesus had previously given many signs, even (it would appear) shortly before this impertinent demand was issued, and much to the amazement of onlookers, when Jesus healed a blind-mute who also “had a demon”. (Matthew 12: 22-32). What was the reaction of the religious authorities to this wonderful healing? They attributed it to the devil; effectively saying that Jesus had healed by Satan’s power and that Jesus was in league with the devil. These religious authorities had seen holiness and righteousness at work, yet had rejected it in the most caustic terms. Was this blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:22–30 and Matthew 12:22–32) and if so a committing of the unpardonable sin?

In response to the Pharisaical demand, Yeshua gave a simple answer. The ONLY sign that a sinful generation would receive, would be the sign of Jonah. It does seem to this writer that the biblical account of Jonah in the Bible is given short-shrift by most exegetes. To this doubting modern age the “story” of a man in the belly of a fish seems fanciful and most exegetes and preachers seem to think that Bible readers are supposed to ‘discern’ some spiritual lesson from the text. The ‘lesson’ associated with Jonah is generally said to be something along the lines that “God loves sinners and wasn’t Jonah naughty in refusing to honour God’s demand to preach repentance”? It is almost as if we are being told to consider the “story” of Jonah to be apocryphal or metaphorical, and one that we are supposed to see beyond. Yet in the light of our book looking at the three days and three nights question, and of Yeshua’s specific response in Matthew chapter 12, can we seriously say this is the way in which Yeshua viewed the account of Jonah? Remember, the Pharisees had asked a thoroughly impertinent and disbelieving question and Jesus said that ONLY one sign would be given, and that would be the sign of Jonah. There is a clear need for us, then, to understand what is the real meaning of Jonah, and also to determine whether Jesus allegorized the “story”.

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