The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has called for churches to pray that God will "intervene" in the cornoavirus outbreak.  China reported 143 more deaths from coronavirus on Saturday but a dip in new cases, while the government announced new anti-disease measures. Mainland China's death toll was at 1,523 on Friday night. Meanwhile, French health officials confirmed the first coronavirus death outside Asia on Saturday. WEA Secretary General Bishop Efraim Tendero said: "We are expressing our condolences for those who have lost loved ones and pray for speedy and full recovering for those still suffering of the disease.  "We are also conscious of the very challenging situation of the millions who have been under quarantine for weeks in affected Chinese cities, and the increasing worry about the economic situation that will affect many individuals and families even when the health crisis will be long gone."

Israelis were confirmed to have caught coronavirus for the first time on Sunday, as the Health Ministry reported that three Israeli passengers on a cruise ship off Japan’s coast had tested positive. The Health Ministry said in a statement that it had learned from Japanese authorities that all three were showing only mild symptoms. It added that several other Israeli passengers were being tested for the virus. The Foreign Ministry said two of the Israeli passengers had been taken off the ship to receive treatment and confirmed that those two had tested positive for the virus. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the third passenger had also been taken to a hospital.

A Mega church in Singapore is moving its gatherings online this weekend after a spike in local cases of Coronavirus. City Harvest Church (CHC) which has a congregation of 16,000 has put a hold on gathering in its building and will now be live-streaming its sermons online in a bid to protect worshippers from infection. City Harvest Church's weekend services will be broadcast on their website and app in what the leadership have insisted is a temporary measure to protect their congregation.  An announcement about the service changes was posted on CHC's Facebook page. It reads: "While we honour the gathering of the saints, your safety is also our utmost concern. As such, we will be implementing alternative arrangements for our Weekend Services til the end of Feb, as we continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19. "There may be disruptions to our regular programming, but let's remember that God is still in control. Now is not our time to lose heart, but to keep our connection with God and one another more alive than ever

Coffee giant Starbucks has come under fire for its new partnership with highly controversial transgender ideology activists. Customers who buy a mermaid-shaped biscuit will see 50p of the £1.89 cost go to the Mermaids organisation, with Starbucks aiming to raise £100,000. Commentator Douglas Murray, who is gay, said he believed Mermaids was “sinister” and suggested parents who objected to its ideology were right to be concerned. Mermaids runs training sessions telling people that being ‘born in the wrong body’ is a defect which can be medically ‘fixed’. At one event, the group showed police officers a ‘gender identity spectrum’, with a Barbie doll on one end and a G.I. Joe toy on the other. The content was met with derision online. Money raised from the Starbucks sales will go towards spreading more information about transgenderism to young people.