Ten-year-old children are being quizzed on their ‘gender identity’ in a school survey, it has emerged. The survey, sent by the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, asks year six pupils: “Do you feel the same inside as the gender you were born with?”

Survey Question

An increasing number of pro-trans initiatives are hitting schools, despite reports that only one child in every 20,000 experiences gender dysphoria – or feeling ‘trapped in the wrong body’.

Ofsted will try to give its ‘British values’ drive a new lease of life, despite it being mired in controversy for the last three years. An annual report by the schools’ regulator, released today, reveals that spreading “shared values” will be one of Ofsted’s key priorities in the coming year. The report also suggests that home-schoolers should have to register with the state. In the coming months, the schools’ regulator will champion the same values which led to a series of damaging inspections in faith schools. In November 2014, Ofsted inspectors asked primary-aged children at Grindon Hall Christian School, Sunderland, if they knew any boys or girls who thought they were in the wrong body. Following the inspection, the school was rated ‘inadequate’, with Ofsted stating that the Christian ethos of the school restricts “the development of a broad and balanced approach”

Phillip Schofield showed "antagonism against God" when he labelled traditional Christian views concerning sexuality "abhorrent" on national television, it has been claimed. A Christian campaigner has spoken with Premier one month since she engaged with the broadcaster in a fierce interview on ITV's This Morning which became side-tracked by the topic of homosexuality. Andrea Williams told Premier: "He really felt that he could get away with speaking like that to me and I don't think he really realised what he was doing - because it's such antagonism against God.