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Programme 259 – Yohanna (part 2 of 2)

Today we return to Nazareth in northern Israel to talk to Yohanna – a Palestinian Christian and the academic dean for both the Nazareth Evangelical College and the Bethlehem Bible College.Yohanna was born and brought up in Israel – he is an Israeli citizen. As a Christian he has had to come to terms with how to respond to living in a land divided by conflict and strong feelings of injustice. So how does he respond?

Programme 368: Mordechai Wiseman

Whilst in Tiberias recently I came across an organisation called Israel Firstfruits that aims to encourage entrepreneurship amongst believers in the land, for both Jewish believers and Arab Christians. The founder and CEO of Israel Firstfruits is Mordechai Wiseman. He has an interesting story of his own … but first I asked him to explain his vision.

Programme 367: Eric Benson

My guest today is Eric Benson, director of the House of Victory, a rehabilitation centre for addicts in northern Israel. He’s been there for many years and seen literally scores of men enter the house more dead than alive and leave well. I put it to him that he must be encouraged.

Programme 365: Daniel Yahav - 4 of 4

Many Christians, maybe you are one, have questions about Israel and the Bible that need answers. One of those questions is, The Christian world is divided in its understanding of Israel and the Jewish people – how important is it that there is a right alignment between Jewish believers in Israel and gentile believers in the world in these days, which many believe are the end times, in preparation for the 2ndcoming of Jesus?